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http://www.playboy.com/eugena-washington (SFW)

She looks good! I have to admit I was pretty surprised to recognize the cover model when I took the wrapper off my husband's Playboy. ;)

Kimberly Leemans on TVD

I was re-watching last season of the Vampire Diaries when I noticed a familiar face - Kimberly from C9. Apparently she's been acting for awhile, although not at Analeigh's level.
Has anyone else noticed this trend in the last few seasons where the place where episodes end sometimes is strange? It used to be that every episode ended with the panel and (usually) elimination. Now, though, it seems like there are several episodes every season, particularly in the beginning of the season, end in strange places.

I'm personally not a fan of this trend. It just seems weird and makes episodes feel incomplete.

Leila Goldkuhl in a Behr Paint Commercial

I recognized Leila in a Behr Paint commercial (even though she's only in it for ~4 seconds).

Picture behind the cut!Collapse )

new fanlisting for laura kirkpatrick

Hey guys if anyone here is interested in joining there is a new fanlisting for laura kirckpatrick available.
Elegance : Laura Kirkpatrick Fanlisting personally she was one of my favorites :)

Sad and Shocking News

TMZ is reporting that Mirjana Puhar, who was a contestant last season, was one of the victims in a triple homicide. She was only 19.

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