Meow (emo_tick_on) wrote in topmodel,

gay indie hip-hop group inspired by ebony (cycle 5) catchphrase

I posted a while back about a gay indie hip hop group called The Mirror Boiyz (myspace) who wrote a song about Ebony (Cycle 5) called "Don't Get It Twisted".  Well, I did some research on them and discovered that the song is now inspired by Ebony rather than about her. 

You can download the demo of the song at the end of this post on totesumbrellas.  We even got a shoutout!

The song itself has a pretty amazing beat and clever lyrics.  A reference to Ebony is made with the mention of Law and Order and fried shrimp, based on her bio from the UPN site.  There are also a few references to things she said on her myspace.  I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do!
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