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Furonda's new TV show?

I recently found this article online about
Furonda(cycle 6) and I don't think it has been
posted yet.


Fayetteville, AR. Since the news was reported about the new ABA expansion team in Fayetteville, Arkansas, there have been a lot of requests for more information about one of the team owners, Miss Fabulous Furonda, from "America's Next Top Model." Furonda is striking out on her own reality TV model venture with the announcement of casting for her new show, "MODEL ME TV" in North Hollywood CA at the famous Millenium Dance Complex.

"I enjoyed "America's Next Top Model," but I felt that viewers could benefit from a show that provides more instructional model knowledge rather than drama and catfights," said Furonda. "Although my show will be a barrel of laughs, I want to encourage the models rather than break them down. The industry already has that covered."

While Furonda wears a true Supermodel frame at 5'11", 115lbs, the show will showcase models of various shapes and sizes. "Models come in all sizes, but sometimes larger models are discounted as video girls and pin-ups," added Furonda. "Because women on average are larger than typical runway models, "MODEL ME TV" will display an accurate view of everyday models, their place in the industry, and the struggles that they go through to gain credibility for the work that they do."

"To whom much is given, much is required, and that's why I must use every bone in my body to show the world just what it means to be astonishing and remarkable. Tyra (Banks) gave me a chance and now I'm passing the opportunity and knowledge to others. And I will apply the same commitment and energy to our new ABA professional basketball team, the Fayetteville Fantastics.

Furonda's devotion to community service is represented in her KNOWHIVAIDS.org national public service announcement. "Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Beautiful" campaign designed to promote HIV testing/awareness among women 18-25. She has also done work for the Victoria Rowell foundation for orphans. "Community involvement will be a priority for the Fantastics, you can be sure of that."

For more information on "MODEL ME TV", email tracy.lewis@1managementla.com or email furonda@hotmail.com or visit www.fayettevillefantastics.com or www.abalive.com.

Taken from http://www.oursportscentral.com
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