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Photoshoot theme ideas

Bringing it back! The ANTM photoshoot theme ideas post. I just thought of a really BRILLIANT one!!!

It would be filed under the "ridiculous" category and it would be called "Cartoon Stereotypes."

Ok wait for it:

- the girl who tumbles while skiing and rolls down a hill and becomes a snowball

- the girl who has a talking dog/animal for a pet and is just going about her business with her talking pet

- the girl who can walk off a cliff in midair just fine but as soon as she looks down she starts to fall

- the girl who falls down a hole and we see her neck stretch to about 4 feet long (would require some photoshopping)

- the girl who flattens another girl into a weird circle shape with her gigantic mallet that she just pulls out from behind her back, Mary Poppins style

- a 7 picture photoshoot of one girl with all the days of the week in a montage which shows the girl wearing the same exact outfit/makeup/shoes/hairstyle (cartoons never change their clothes!)

That's all I can think of. :( Any more cartoon stereotypes out there?!

I think Tyra would go for this one. It would be "fashion camp" (as in campy, not summer camp). What photoshoot ideas would you love to see? In the last post like this I commented that I would like to see a film noir photoshoot, in black and white with 50s style clothes and sinister faces!
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