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Korea's Next Top Model C3 post, recap of Eps. 1-3

Prizes for this Cycle include:
* ₩100,000,000 cash prize (~US$87,000.00)
* W Magazine (Korea?) Cover
* National/International "Top Brand" Photo/Ad Model (previously it was SK-II)
* Exclusive Contract with "Global Agency"

Sources: official homepage, Hankook Ilbo, Star News. Note that Korea is really careful not to list brands on TV shows due to their rules on advertising, so I'm digging through news articles to find out more. :P)

A notable contestant is Choi Han-bit, who is transgender and has previously entered a nation-wide modelling competition, in addition to bit parts on Korean dramas.

They had an "Episode 0" — YouTube link, no subtitles — where they basically did the Semi-Finals and had the top girls from Cycle 2 discuss their successes and what they thought about the new girls.

FULL EPISODE on YouTube, no subtitles
Photoshoot: Goddess of Nature (with Jeju Island as a backdrop)
Episode Recap: They had the final 30(?) at the airport, did some random photoshoot at the airport, and narrowed the candidates down to a "Final" 16. However, they brought back two already eliminated girls (Kwon Da-min, Min Hae-rin) for the first photoshoot (who were ironically immediately eliminated thereafter, along with Jung Han-sol who had a really awkward picture). Choi So-ra won first call-out, but she's already being edited to be the loud, obnoxious one that almost everyone dislikes.

FULL EPISODE on YouTube, no subtitles
Photoshoot: Showing Your Presence in a "Quintuplet"/Group Setting
Episode Recap: The girls were grouped in teams of 5 to create and film a promo video for KNTM and themselves. They chose a location out of a few pre-determined ones (on a map), they were given various supplies and materials (makeup, clothes, fabric, etc.), and they had to come back by a certain time. Kang Cho-won's group had issues because So-ra kept butting in and unintentionally (?) tried to take over. Choi Han-bit's group won by default as the other teams were late, although the group's video was determined to be the best regardless. The teams were kept for the group photoshoot, where they had to stand out and be noticed while still being part of the team and creating a cohesive image. Han-bit's team did the worst because they didn't understand the photo concept and pretty much everyone looked bad in the photo (IMO, the concept was the weirdest of the three). The other group wore solid dresses on a metal plane frame with wind machines, which ended up being kind of a hot mess because the girls weren't really working with each other. Cho-won's group did the best (B&W posing by a wall) and she earned first call-out. Lee Seul-gi was eliminated for performing the worst in the group.

FULL EPISODE on YouTube, no subtitles
Photoshoot: "Fashion Interpretation" of the London Olympics (2 girls in each "concept" face off)
Episode Recap: MAKEOVERS. Girls cried but learned to appreciate and eventually work with their makeovers. One girl had to get her makeover re-done because what they initially chose for her (pink hair!) didn't work. The photoshoot, a "fashion interpretation" of the Summer Olympics, was done at a sports college. The photographer had issues with various girls, but some of the photos of said girls turned out well, leading to awkward exchanges on the judging panel (seriously). The tomboy-ish girl — Heo Kyeong-hui — who actually graduated from that college, thought she would ace the photoshoot but ultimately failed and was bottom 2. Ji So-yeon was eliminated because she failed to impress the judges in her photos, and her not-so-good attitude bothered the panel.

Note: I know that there was a group subbing this before, but I can't find any info regarding the current season. Also, torrents are available for the vids, although the YouTube links are pretty good quality.

Official website: (click)
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