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America's Next Top Model

The FIRST LJ Community for America's Next Top Model

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america's next top model
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First and largest community devoted to ANTM. Discussion of other countries' NTMs is encouraged.

Welcome to the first and largest LiveJournal community for the popular reality television show America's Next Top Model. Whether you are a first-time viewer or have faithfully watched every cycle, please join us in discussing anything and everything related to ANTM! This is an unofficial community for fans of the show and is in no way affiliated with it.

Congratulations to Laura James, winner of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 19!

(Updated on April 14, 2009.)


  • You must to be a member of the community (click HERE to join) to post comments. Also, membership is moderated.

  • Check the FAQ, tagged entries, or do a community search.

  • Make sure your images aren't hotlinked, and please put them behind a cut if they are more than 400x400 pixels. If you are posting multiple images, only one 400x400 or smaller image may be outside the cut. Please put YouTube videos and other embedded content under cuts. Failure to do these things will result in your post getting rejected.

  • Looking to post your icons and other graphics or looking for these things? Then topmodel_icons is where you should go.

  • Do you have a complaint/comment/question/concern about the community? Then please comment in the open post of topmodel_mods. Please don't email or send mods messages via LiveJournal-- that way, your issue will be dealt with sooner if you respond in the open post.


  • Don't be rude. Respect other people's opinions. Comments that express racist/homophobic/transphobic or other offensive views or slurs may be subject to freezing, screening or deletion.

  • Don't violate the LJ ToS, including posting information on downloading episodes.

  • Posting episodes and photos from other NTMs is encouraged, especially during the ANTM off-season. However, we ask that members keep discussion of other NTMs to only those photo or episode posts, rather than making separate discussion posts about other NTMs.

  • Do not follow people to their personal journals and harass them. Go to topmodel_mods if you have a complaint about another member.

  • Don't delete your comments to cover your tracks if you post something mean. Don't delete posts. If you wish to delete your post, please check with the mods in the open post of topmodel_mods. Don't disable comments in your posts. If you submit a post and screen/freeze/delete comments or threads (without moderator approval), you will be warned.

  • No promos, unless the community is about another country's version of ANTM (i.e. a community promo for Australia's Next Top Model would be allowed but not promos for communities about the winners of the show). Only one promo per community is allowed.

  • Please only post spoilers in posts designated for spoilers. What is a spoiler, you ask? It's all right there in the FAQ.

  • If somebody posts a quiz or meme, don't make a new post with your result or answers. Just post it in the original thread.

  • Your spelling and grammar do not have to be perfect, but don't go crazy with the Caps Lock and/or Enter keys or post things that are incomprehensible. Conversely, do not act snide if people make spelling/grammatical errors.

  • If there is a fight or drama and a mod has handled it, don't exacerbate the situation by continuing to post about it. Move on. Please.

  • If people violate any of these rules and a mod has not attended to the matters, then please let us know in the open post of topmodel_mods.


  • Don't comment about the community in the mods' personal journals.

  • If you were denied membership, please see this post.


  • For hotlinked images and images that need to be placed behind a cut, a mod may ask you to fix these things. Failure to do so within 12 hours will result in your post being deleted without warning.

  • If you violate the rules repeatedly, you will be banned after your third violation without notice.



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topmodel_mods: All feedback and complaints about the community -- including other community members, moderators, and questions -- go here. Please don't post about the community in the mods' personal journals, email any of the mods about the community, and/or send the mods messages via LiveJournal.
The FAQ: Again, please read it.
topmodel_icons: A sister community devoted to ANTM icons.

Contestants' LJs

elysesewell: Elyse (Cycle 1)
nicoleborud: Nicole (Cycle 3)
amanda_swafford: Amanda (Cycle 3)
fr3kina: Kathy (Cycle 6)
crack_monkey: Lauren (Cycle 10)

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fourfour's ANTM recaps
TWoP's ANTM recaps

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